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The winds are messagers.

Follow the wind direction of each street on a windy day, for a destination unknown. 

This game was invented during the confinement of the pandemic of covid-19, I try to reconfigure some actions which allow individuals to reconnect with the urban environment with new possibilities, allowing the choice to be guided by intuition, random, even coincidence unknown, rather than by obligation and utility, embrace the uncertainty,

the poetry and absurdity in uncertainty.

This game turned out to be the protocol of a tool which could measure the direction of wind.

"The winds are messengers”.

Phrases originally from the Bible Psalms 104:4

“Lord my God, he makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants.”

Performance, 2020, paris, dimension of tool 33x3x0.2 cm, abs 3D print

winds 3.jpg
_MG_6183 版本2.jpg

The winds are messagers, performance, 2020, paris, dimension of tool 33x3x0.2 cm, abs 3D print

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