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NEMO Space
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NEMO Space 

It is a space out of time, 

creator of disorder, freedom and insolent, 

where the visitors are invited to get lost.

    Synth sound work, li donglu / zhao jialei, 5'44", 2021 


By transforming ordinary objects and vestiges, this project is aimed to build a surreal space.  All the objects escaped from their original functions and take on new forms of existence to create a space outside of time, a non-place where there is a temporal decalage between the perceived time and the reality. The truths turned to subtle clues to observe and speculate on.

'Nemo Space', Exhibition view, Ensad,Paris, Installations, variable dimensions, 2021 

The shoes in the video are transformed into pendulum, old trousers have become a garment sculpture, the screws turned into rings. The dissolved wax clock also symbolises the distortion of time in this space. Recycled clothes are archived and preserved by sculptural moulding, traces of past time and ephemeral folds are frozen and sealed, giving birth to "time carriers”, sketching out a social community portrait. The virtual objects in the video perpetuates its existence beyond that of the real. The sounds and videos that inhabit this place are consistently flowed in slow motion. This imperceptible shift constantly creates a living spatial dimension where the perception temporal is slowing down, time is fading away like a human body. 

This project started from an observation about consumerism in the fashion industry:

annual production is substantially above consumption.

This status quo has catalyzed a poetic resistance to the acceleration of commercialization, questioning the value system  in a consumer society and to deviate from the functional norms of daily conventions.

As Bergson points out the difference between duration and time. Time is used for observation, it can be measured instantly, it is objective; duration is individual perception, duration is the 'real', subjective time. The project of Nemo Space is also aimed to explore subjective experience of time.

Derived, video-installation, 
32 x 60 cm, 2021 

Derived, installation, 
 plexiglass, stainless steel, 2021 


'Nemo Space', Exhibition view, Ensad,Paris, 2021 


'Nemo Space', Exhibition view, Ensad,Paris, 2021 

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